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We offer our lives to change and educate our nation.
The World
Is Your Stage
2nd Chance
Jarryd Smith | Founder
Assisted Programme
Through your involvement we can impact millions of lives.

Our Vision

  • make the right choice

Our vision is to decrease the amount of child abuse, crime, rape, HIV, gangsterism, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and unnecessary deaths in our nation, through educational workshops, life-skills, multimedia, dance, sports, counselling and support.

Our Mission

  • Knowledge
  • Power

We aim to empower thousands of individuals of all ages with the knowledge, tools and life-skills they need to save themselves and their loved ones from the pain and destruction of wrong choices.

A journey over the last year...

And what a journey we are on! With so many incredible initiatives and projects happening at Second Chance over the past year, it’s tough to choose what news to highlight. Thankfully the team is really active on Social Media so you can follow us daily on Facebook for donors, or Instagram for our youth followers. Before we share our news, we would like to honor and express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all of our donors, friends and supporters who have made it possible for Second Chance to inspire, heal and instill hope in the lives of so many people in South Africa.

2nd Chance Newsletter (Click to View)

Every Day is a 2nd Chance

Life is about choices, our choices define our tomorrows.

welcome to 2nd chance

  • Experience
  • Knowledge

We hope that the experience that life has given us through our own struggles, with the knowledge we have obtained by applying ourselves with the talent we have received, will enable us to empower our youth. We would like to dedicate our lives to reach millions of people inspiring, teaching and ultimately changing the lives of people that may have never had the opportunity given their circumstances.

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why us?

  • Life Skills
  • Opportunity

We found that dance and sports linked with life skills, actually increase brain functioning and activity in kids that have suffered abuse, trauma, alcohol fetal syndrome hence creating a 2nd Chance in life. We hope to reach millions of people, that in this world would never have this opportunity, given their circumstances. Everybody deserves a 2nd Chance.

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Had to die. To Live

Jarryd Smith

He used hard core drugs and engaged in a sordid lifestyle. Death seemed like the only escape. Jarryd shares his story to inspire those who have sunk beneath the bottom of the pit of substance abuse to inspire others to find new life.

-Jarryd Smith