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Life is about choices, everything we do in life comes down to a choice. That one choice you make in a split second can change your life forever. Our choices made today can and will define our tomorrows.

We realized that if our youth are not empowered and our adults are not educated, our next generation of people will be in chaos leading to destruction. Who is going to educate the youth? They learn from us.

We have come to change lives and give people the right education and tools that they may need to change the lives of their communities or have their own lives changed, in such a way that they may live the best life they can.

We have come to give a 2nd Chance at life.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to decrease the amount of child abuse, crime, rape, HIV, gangsterism, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and unnecessary deaths in our nation, through educational workshops, life-skills, multimedia, dance, sports, counselling and support. We envisage a change in our communities where our nations’ learners and workforce are free to enjoy the highest quality of life by making the right choices.

Mission Statement

We aim to empower thousands of individuals of all ages with the knowledge, tools and life-skills they need to save themselves and their loved ones from the pain and destruction of wrong choices.