World Is Your Stage Programme (WIYS)

The WIYS Program uses the medium of dance with a number of different styles and forms to empower and build the youth. Dance creates an alternative option to the negative choices young people are exposed to within disadvantaged communities. The World is your Stage program teaches youth that they can be what they want to be, that dreams are possible and that they have a choice in what their future will look like.




Signature Programme (SP)

The Signature Programme (SP) is a key initiative of the LSAAG Programme and was developed by the Second Chance Trust over 2 years and piloted within the communities of the Langeberg Region. Since its inception to date 220 participants have successfully completed the programme and are working to achieve sobriety in continued partnership with the LSAAG network support groups which have been established within the communities of Ashton, Montagu, Bonnievale and Robertson and McGregor.


Ground Breakers Community Programme (GBCP)

The GBCP is a brand new Community based programme developed to alleviate drug and gang culture in the Cape Flats by mentoring and supporting youth the from 16 to 28 from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the mainstream economy and become productive members of society. The core focus will be on Social Entrepreneurship and will be implemented in a phased approach from January 2018



Our core current programmes include:

Basic Life Choices Programme (BLC)

The BLC Programme was established 7 years ago and works to assist in the education, prevention, early intervention and treatment of substance abuse of pupils within the school education system. This program aims to equip students, parents and teachers with the soft tangible skills required to achieve better results in their lives and the lives of people around them.




Equine Facilitated Mentoring Programme (EFMP)

The Equine Facilitated Mentoring Programme (EFMP) aims to help support and empower people from all walks of life to cope with their environments and negative influences. Horses have the ability to mirror human body language accurately as that is their natural way of communication and they have very social and responsive behaviours which are similar to us as humans. They offer observable and unfiltered feedback to the facilitators through reflecting the emotional state of humans.


We are giving corporate and organizations the opportunity to be a part of our NPO (PBO). In our walk in empowering and educating our nations, changing people’s lives and ultimately creating a 2nd Chance for people.

This service is to sell space. Everything we do in this organization is to raise money to run all these programs in the areas that need it most

Also to create opportunity for those who share the same passion as us, in this.

Our proposal can have your logo on our website, presentations, booklets, videos and clothing.

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Our aim is to create a powerful brand that is able to impacts kids from all areas and of all ages. Where the brand is able to relate to kids and what they enjoy and through that, create an even more powerful platform for us to impact and change lives through the way we are marketed and branded.