Basic Life Choices School Program

This school-based program aims to equip children and youth with knowledge that enables them to make informed and responsible choices about their lives and futures.

The program tackles substance abuse prevention and healthy life choices using a multi-pronged approach. It equips learners with age-appropriate knowledge and tools to consider and make the right choices and provides school staff, parents and carers with education on the signs and symptoms of drug use and how to effectively address these situations. It also creates awareness of the vital role that teachers and parents play in the early identification of other prevalent issues among youth such as bullying, depression and self-harm.

The program starts with a motivational talk which focuses on life choices, substance abuse, gangsterism, bullying and teenage drinking and includes personal life stories to portray the devastation caused by poor life choices. Vibrant multi-media, sound and visuals are used to ensure that the presentation is appealing to young people, and is memorable and impactful.

Following the presentation, Second Chance facilitators visit appointed classrooms for participatory discussions with learners around specific social issues, high-risk situations and effective avoidance techniques.  These workshops are principally interactive to assist the children to internalize the messages more effectively. Over 21 different workshops are available for the school to select, all of which aim to equip learners with the necessary tools to make the right choices.

The Program

Staff and parent workshops are conducted separately to promote open dialogue and an opportunity for sensitive questions around substance abuse, self-harm, suicide and bullying to be addressed.

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