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Our Programmes empower thousands of individuals of all ages.

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The BLC Programme was established 7 years ago and works to assist in the education, prevention, early intervention and treatment of substance abuse of pupils within the school education system.

This program aims to equip students, parents and teachers with the soft tangible skills required to achieve better results in their lives and the lives of people around them.

The BLC Programme consists of the following:

  • Grade specific workshops on campus
  • Staff training workshops on campus
  • Parent Education and Training

Learner Programme

The BLC Program is initiated with a motivational talk to the whole school or selected Grades by the Principal (Grade 6 -11). The talk is interactive with a focus on life choices, substance abuse, gangsterism, bullying and teenage drinking. The method includes personal life stories and multi-media to bring impact across and ensure the presentations remain topical and effective. This is a vital method for education, as youth internalize on a deeper level with the incorporation of sounds and visuals.

The team then visits the appointed classrooms throughout the school, focusing on various social issue topics such as substance abuse, gangsterism, bullying and peer pressure. These workshops are principally interactive to assist the children to internalize the messages more effectively. Over 21 different workshops are available for the school to select, all of which aim to equip learners with the necessary tools to make the right choices.

Staff Workshop

This workshop focuses on the vital role that teachers play in respect of identifying substance abuse within their class pupils (what to look out for, signs and symptoms and how to effectively address it).

Parent Workshop

This workshop assists parents on how to how to work with a child abusing substances.  It includes the necessary skills and tools to equip parents in setting boundaries and when to apply tough love.

BLC Programme Track Record & Impact Review: Since the establishment of 2nd Chance Trust in 2012 to end August 2017, 60 schools and over 220 000 school pupils have been addressed.