Jarryd Smith

180º Had to die. To live

Raised by a loving and supportive family, this explicit memoir is woven from experiences of how a talented young man went from having a happy childhood to receiving rugby scholarships and sports awards at prestigious schools to the downward spiral of using hard core drugs and engaging in a sordid lifestyle. Death seemed like the only escape.

Through sheer determination and extreme adversity, Jarryd came through, came back to life, although the journey back was excruciating, painful and seemed virtually impossible. But he did it.

Jarryd shares his story to inspire those who have sunk beneath the bottom of the pit of substance abuse to inspire others to find new life.

This book will encourage and assist parents, addicts or even those who are thinking of embarking on experimenting with what will no doubt take them from a life worth living into a dark well of despair. This book is all about making the right choices and showing what can happen through the smallest of wrong choices.