The World Is Your Stage Program

The World is Your Stage Program uses the medium of dance to provide young people with a fulfilling and healthy option to negative life choices. Alongside learning valuable life skills, the program teaches them that dreams can become reality with persistence and hard work.

During this year long program, dance sessions are held with groups of learners at participating schools for two-hours every week. Under the instruction of a qualified dance teacher, participants are introduced to different styles and forms of dance and learn about the history of dance, singing and art. They are encouraged to use dance as a means of expression, creativity and as a temporary escape from their normal living environment.

The program is open to all learners at the school and those that display exceptional talent and skill perform in front of a live audience at the end of the year.

The Program

Since the start of this fun and energetic dance program, 250 adolescents have had the opportunity to explore dance as a creative, healthy alternative to negative life choices.

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