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Our Programmes empower thousands of individuals of all ages.

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The objective is to make it clear that getting involved in alcohol, drugs, or gangs is the wrong choice, regardless of where they come from.  The aim of this program is to teach life skills through dance. Key to this program is the way in which youth relate to the dancers and their own personal walks in life. The Dancers are young, stylish, cool and they are current. They represent cool, but make good choices.

  1. Initial performance by the dance team is provided to the entire school
  2. Post the performance, the youth can sign up for the programme
  3. Every session has a different focus around specific Styles and Forms of dance. By providing the youth with insight into the History of Dancing, Singing and Art, they will respect the opportunity more
  4. The session run for 1.5 – 2 hours every week at each individual school
  5. The youth are also offered the opportunity to seek support and mentorship throughout the duration of the programme as most of the children are grappling with social issues
  6. Where possible, the youth work towards showcasing their talents in front of a live audience on the completion of the 1 year programme

Profile of students enrolled in WIYS Programme

All students enrolled in the WIYS Programme come from disadvantaged communities facing gang violence and many other social issues on a daily basis, being home to some of Cape Town’s most dangerous gangsters and drug dealers. The World Is Your Stage has become their escape and their world seems to light up when learning new moves and techniques.  These students are completely committed to their programme and work very hard to improve as dancers.